An evening with celebrity fitness and health expert Scott Laidler

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Nicosia, 30 March 2018 - Following the launch of The Club in Nicosia earlier in February, Phoenix Leaders was delighted to welcome members of the Cypriot business community for an evening with celebrity fitness and health expert Scott Laidler on Thursday 22nd March.

The newly restored Club provided an intimate setting for an evening, which centred around the link between physical and mental performance and how leaders can best harness the brain-body connection to maximise their long-term potential.

Drawing on his 10 years’ experience at the cutting edge of the fitness sector Scott shared with the audience a number of strategies to avoid corporate burnout and develop resilience over the course of a successful career. During the talk he asked attendees to constantly question conventional concepts and techniques and stressed the importance of quality sleep to mental sharpness, creativity and immune health.

Following the discussion, Scott led members of the audience in an animated group workout session on Friday morning in the Presidential Park – Parko Proedrikou, where they were able to implement his advice into their own fitness routines.

This was the second in a programme of events at The Club featuring international guest speakers sharing unique insights on a variety of topics, including mental resilience, neuroscience, leadership, management, lifestyle and wellbeing. For more information on upcoming events and membership opportunities, please contact