Valentina Kislaya

Valentina Kislaya

Founder & CEO

Valentina Kislaya is Founder and CEO of Phoenix Leaders, a leadership and executive training consultancy located in Nicosia and London. Valentina works with global leaders to help them inspire multi-generational and multi-cultural teams in a world of changing business models and non-traditional ways of working.

She is passionate about promoting an authentic, sustainable and impactful leadership style. Having started her career in the image consultancy and executive presence field where she worked alongside renowned coach Diane Craig, Valentina subsequently moved into leadership training, supporting executives from a range of global companies in Cyprus in their professional development.

Valentina’s unique approach combines business psychology, corporate experience and neuroscience, allowing her to help her clients to develop the skills and mindset required to adapt to the demands the modern world places on today’s leaders.

Valentina studied organisational leadership at Stanford Business and Columbia Business Schools. She also studied with CTI (acknowledged as a pioneer within the coaching profession) and is a graduate of its Barcelona based advanced training programme. Valentina is a graduate of The Institute of Contemporary Knowledge, Minsk, Belarus, where she received her B.A. Degree in Intercultural Communications.